Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Beach

Toward the end of thanksgiving break I went to the beach for a day with my family. We enjoyed nice Oregon overcast weather as well as a nice dinner and bonfire. 




Anonymous said...

makes me mad you ate at Mo's. scumbag. ~ marty m.

/ todd scott ballje said...

hey thomas
I got your name from josh mccullock.
i was just checking out your blog. that area of oregon is one of my favorite spots of all time. I proposed to my wife just down the coast north of florence.

check it out on my blog. I just posted the picture from our 4 year engagement aniv. on Jan 1 on my blog.

best wishes...

(I am just checking out a bunch of photographers for some second shooting possibilities this year.

you can see my site and blog at:

/ todd scott ballje said...

oh, what made me post was seeing Mo's. I have all their parafanalia and wear it often and dream of their seafood. if you make it down to florence, must go to ICM (international c-food market) the best!

/ todd scott ballje said...

oops forgot to check on the spelling of paraphernalia! 8-)